I’ve traveled to India—from south to north, from east to west. I’ve seen poverty and struggle, and incredible richness and development. However, most of the people I talk to along the way have great concerns about traveling to India—law enforcement, petty crimes and bad publicity. I’ve always told them that this is less than 1 percent of what India is all about, but I feel like I should be doing more to promote this beautiful country.

Whenever I talk to my travel buddies, I list about four major reasons why they should travel to India and experience the incredible and mystic culture and traditions of its people. I wanted to show them, and for them to show to others as well, that India is more than what media make it out to be.


India is Huge

To say that India is magnanimous in size is an understatement. It is one-third more than the size of the whole United States—with beaches in the south, the Himalayas in the north, desert in the west and tribal territories in the east. Every portion of India is rich in history and tradition. No matter where you go, I am sure you will find something beautiful.

Indian Hospitality

There’s no better country to experience Asian hospitality than in India. Whenever people visit Indian homes, they consider these people as sent by their gods. It’s a great honor for Indians to welcome guests to their homes, which is the reason why they always have spreads of food waiting for their visitors.

India Will Show You a Different Perspective

The poverty you will see in India (even in urban areas) will open your eyes to the harsh realities of life. This is the reason why a number of international charity groups and organizations have India as their focus—if you want to go out of your comfort zone or make a difference on the lives of people, India is your place. You will go home with a completely new understanding of life.

India’s Cuisine

Indian Meal

Indian cuisine does not only mean “curry,” although most regions would have their own version of this dish. There is diversity in the country’s cuisine, as obvious with how painstakingly different each Indian region is from one another. There are Tandoor recipes in the north, chapatti in the east, and wafer-thin filled crepes in the south. Whatever you hope to find when it comes to exotic food adventure, India has it.

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