Beaches are the farthest from our mind when we think about India. I must admit that most of the people I talk to think of India as Taj Mahal, Hinduism, the Ganges River and curry food. I can’t blame them, really, since tourism has not been well advertised in this country.

kovalam beach

If there’s one thing I love most about India is its diversity. If I want to go mountain hiking or trekking, there’s the Himalayas for me. If I want to ingrate myself into the tapestry of its culture, there are tribal and ethnic groups just about everywhere. However, the most unknown attraction of India for me is its beaches.

I have traveled as far as South America to see some amazing waters, but none holds my heart the way Indian beaches do. It’s sad to know most travellers are unaware that India can boast of its stunning waters. Also it is a haven for those who want to just escape.

What Beach to Choose?

I often found myself in Varkala because it’s relatively peaceful compared to the commercialized Kovalam. It lies one hour north of the capital Trivandrum in Kerala. It has a long beach line cornered by a cliff. It always looks like something out of a movie for me. People rest along the beach. They do yoga and rejuvenate from the stressful city life.

If you want to rub elbows with tourists and locals, then you can also visit Palolem, which is a picturesque beach enclosed by coconut trees in the south of Goa. It’s a small beach compared to others, but it’s increasingly becoming popular these days because of the diverse crowd it attracts.

Although I love some nice and quiet when I’m in the beach, I also like water sports and activities a lot. That’s why one of my most visited beaches in India is Baga. There are all kinds of water sports there—parasailing, dolphin sightseeing, snorkeling, sailing, etc. I always go there when I want to make use of my best inflatable Sup.

So yes, India is much more than history, culture and tradition. It offers a lot more than that. You can enjoy yourself tremendously in India even if you’re not that big of a history and cultural nut. There’s no need to go to temples or museums if that’s not your thing. You can treat India as any other Asian nations—mystic, interesting, but all-around fun.

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